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Marj McDaid's voice work is designed for all those who have the need or the urge to express themselves vocally in speech or singing: creatively, assertively, informatively, in their work, their leisure or their relationships. Despite the underlying need for authenticity, the voice we use needs to be appropriate to the situation.

It is particularly valuable to those who run the risk of taxing or straining their voices through over-use. Safe use of the voice underlies all her work. Your voice may be the only instrument you don’t have to buy, but you can never replace it!

Marj obtained the postgraduate diploma in vocal studies from Central School of Speech and Drama in 1993 and has taught in a number of drama schools, currently Arts Ed. She has also coached voice in many commercial situations, including for the BBC and Prudential Assurance. She is a singer in many styles. She is unusual in having pursued equally the two parallel strands of voice teaching – the therapeutic and the technical.   She has been involved with numerous workshops in Wolfssohn-based voice work and is a sensitive and supportive teacher who can be challenging where appropriate.   She was one of the pioneers of Voicecraft (which provides very precise physiological techniques for adjusting vocal quality) after training with its American creator Jo Estill when she first introduced the system to the UK in 1994.

Voice Coach Marj McDaid